February Full Moon: Snow Moon

Maybe it's the fact that I'm a water sign, a Cancer, and ruled by my emotions. Maybe it's because I'm an empathic woman in tune with my feelings. Maybe it's just a fluke. But when the moon turns full, and most witches are celebrating the beauty of the moon, I can usually be found trying to hide under my covers. For me, when the moon is full, the world is often too much. I'm more sensitive, I tire more easily, and I'm a raw nerve, an emotional wreck. I get depressed quite easily during a full moon, and overwhelmed if people around me are experiencing heavy, difficult emotions. I usually have good intentions to do ritual on the night of the full moon, but by the end of the day I am usually emotionally exhausted, and go to bed early.

Oh sure, I put my crystals and decks into the full moonlight to charge them, and I've put water in a cup onto my balcony to charge in the light and drank it in the next morning, charging my cells with this potent healing energy, but the full moon for me does not feel like a time of power and celebration, it feels like a time to remove myself from the world and recharge. Until a few weeks ago, I used to think there was something wrong with me. Wasn't I supposed to be wanting to dance naked under it? Reveling in the power of the moon and the goddess? Shouldn't I, a woman, feel moved to get into the moonlight? Taking Moondaughter's Lunar Flow course made me realize that we are all a bit different, and affected by the moon on an individual basis, and that it's perfectly alright to feel the way that I do.

Image by YouraPechkin/Vetta/Getty Images
Don't get me wrong, the site of Grandmother Moon in her full beauty strikes awe into my heart, and I love to stare at it in wonder, and I definitely feel how sacred and powerful this time is. But when I hear about people Drawing Down the Moon or feeling energized and exciting, they lose me. The full moon for me is a time to admire, to meditate, to pay attention to my cycle as a woman, hormonally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's when I hear goddess calling her second loudest... New Moon is the time of celebration and anticipation for me. I have never once attempted to Draw Down the Moon. I have never once had the desire to go dancing in full moonlight (at least, not yet), and I've never tried to work powerful emotional magick at this time. 

When I celebrate the full moon, I usually like to do relaxing, meditative, and self-nurturing things. I take baths. I read in bed, I go to bed early. I sip hormone-balancing tea (my favorite is Sacred Feminien from angelicteapot.com) and watch my favorite people on YouTube. I meditate, or do a shamanic journey, and I cleanse myself, my house, and my sacred items with sage or incense smoke, and charging them under the moonlight. I also love to do the quintessential girly thing on the day of the full moon - take a shower or bath with my crystals and rub coconut oil and usually an essential oil blend onto my freshly cleansed skin to anoint me for the remainder of the moon cycle ahead. 

So, while the lot of you are going to be dancing and making merry, I'll be here, quietly doing my own thing, respecting you, and wishing you wonderful, powerful, blessed ritual. And maybe one day I'll join you, but for now, my quieter ritual feels just right for me. 

Love you guys! 


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