Witch Crafting: Working with Sculpey Clay

Since I was a little child, I have been a crafty person. I was coloring and drawing pictures well before I went into preschool. In grade school I brought home more creations than my mother knew what to do with. If there was a medium to work with, I most likely worked with it. Once I got into middle and high school, I took further art classes to hone my skills, and I took up new creative hobbies, like pottery, knitting, and sewing. Yes, it's safe to say that all my life, I have been bitten by the creative bug.

It was a pretty natural thing, then, for me to try to find ways to work my witchy ways into crafting once I really set myself on the pagan path. I have never been afraid to get my hands dirty with a project, so I've tried my hands at a number of things, from wand, staff, and broom making (most of which are now gone, because I had to leave the items behind when I left my ex-husband), to bags for tarot cards, altar cloths, dream pillows, and more.

Most recently, I found myself interested in purchasing some goddess figurines for my altar. I have very few deity-themed items to place on it, and I felt the lack keenly when I was preparing for Imbolc. I tried my hands at salt dough, but I didn't like the way the material felt, or how difficult it was to form into the shapes I desired. It was really difficult to build upon something I had already formed to flesh it out. I did manage to make a decent mother figurine though. This is here:

I looked into bake-able clay options, and came across this stuff:

I found out my local Michael's craft store carried it, and when I was in the area next, I picked up the biggest box they had, because knowing myself, I was going to want to make a lot of projects. 

This afternoon I had some quiet time to myself, as all my children were either out of the house, or fast asleep. I set up my crafting station at the kitchen table, and I got sculpting, mostly from my own mind, or from some examples I found on Pinterest. Here are the goddesses I created:

This is my sitting goddess figurine.

And this is more of an altar "tile" figurine, it's flat on the back, and designed to lay down, or to be hung. I'm not sure yet which way I'm going to place her, but for now, she'll be lying flat. Adding a couple of hooks or nails to the wall to hang here is always an option for later. I'm not overly smitten with my motherhood figure, however. I wanted to fashion her more like a pregnant Gaia figurine, with her belly appearing like the earth. I'm not sure if it's something my sculpting skills are up to however, so it's something I will attempt on a day when I have more time to work at it.

Both of the above Sculpey figuriines are currently in the oven, and I can't wait to show them to you once they are finished. I plan on painting the sitting figure, but I'm not sure about the flat one yet. I'm going to decide once it's baked. I also plan on making a couple of other flat tiles, a Green Man and a Green Woman, which I will have holes in to hang on the wall. I am thinking about making a Wheel of the Year tile to hang up as well.

Have you made Pagan crafts before? I'd love pictures, or comments with descriptions! Tell me about your sacred crafts, dedicated to the God and Goddess! Merry part!


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