Preparing for Ostara

But it's only March 2nd, Jess! Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself?

Well, maybe... but I find around the 3 week mark after a sabbat, I kind of naturally start to drift away from the energy of what was, into the energy of what is coming up. I'm either getting on the bandwagon early because I'm really feeling the spirit of the season, or because I'm decidedly NOT feeling it. This year with Ostara, it's the former. And for big turn-of-the-season sabbats, that's usually how I am... my eyes are popping with all the signs of the changes, the return of green and color the earth is putting a spring in my step (yes, pun intended) and the very air around me feels ripe with possibility, energy, and freshness.

This year, Ostara and Easter are actually quite close together, separated only by a week. This makes it, in my opinion, so much easier to incorporate my sabbat festivities with the socially-accepted holiday, because I am able to actually get the whole family together for the celebration, where as with some of the more obscure holidays that don't have time off associated with them (like Bealtaine) it becomes difficult to coordinate schedules with the sabbat for the whole family. And, while I'm not "raising my kids pagan," I am raising them to be environmentally-conscious young people, with an eye for spotting the changes in the seasons, and ways that we can protect our dear Mother Earth. 

This year, I want to make more of an effort to get our family outside more, especially around sabbats. Eight times a year isn't very much to ask to get us all together to go to a local trail for a nature walk, or to just sit at the river and have a fire. March is a good time to go to the heron reserve locally and see the majestic birds nesting, or to go to the local nursery and pick up a few plants for the planter pots. I'm thinking about getting each of the kids their own large pot to plant what they want in, and then have them tend it throughout the growing season. I've also thought about maybe letting them add a couple of "fairy house" type of decorations, just to make it look a bit more magical and appealing. 

But the biggest preparations of all are the cliche ones: I've been spring cleaning. I know, I know, I know. Every witch and her cat are suggesting this one, but I'm actually NOT doing it to affect magickal change in my house (though I noticed that it has, and I'm grateful for it). In case you haven't noticed, I've got 3 kids, a cat, and a dog, and over winter, things get pretty dirty, what with all the animals and people staying indoors more, nasty weather being tracked in, etc. Each week I've been tackling areas of my house and giving them a deep and thorough clean. I just can't really seem to settle into Ostara until I've mopped the laundry room floor,, or changed our outerwear over from winter to spring/summer and other things like that. 

What are your rituals for getting ready for Ostara? Are you in the decluttering and de-griming mood too? Or are you more into dancing-in-the-flowers head space? Tell me below! 


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