Witch Crafts: Knitted Goddesses

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to a website on my Facebook page, to a woman's online store called Greenwoman Studio. She makes all sorts of need things, but the item that really stood out for me were her handknit goddesses. I guess you could call them stuffies, or even charms or spells, depending on how you approach it. I toyed with the idea of purchasing one, but with some of them being over $50 a pop (USD) I had to say no. Luckily, Greenwoman sells her pattern. And I just happen to be a whiz with a set of knitting needles.

I purchased the pattern, and 2 whirlwind days later, I had produced three of them. I decided almost right away that I would make one for each of my daughters as sleep charms, and one for myself to use as part of a spell, but also to serve as an altar decoration, focal point, and hell, I'll admit it - a comfort object to hold on to when I'm having one of those days/moments/nights.

I knew I wanted to stuff the goddesses with a blend of herbs that would support my intention. In the case of my daughters, I came up with a blend of pink rose petals, chamomile, calendula, hops, and lavender. I mixed it all together in a bowl and blessed it with a few drops of rain water from my deck. I should also mention that this water was being collected on the day of the full moon with the eclipse, so it felt extra potent and appropriate. I had to stuff the goddesses at various points in the knitting process, and so some areas were stuffed with eco-polyfill, and others with impromptu fabric pouches filled with the herbs.

When I got near the bottom of the goddesses, I also added a charged and programmed crystal into the pouch, at the center of the stuffing. For my daughters, I used amethyst, to awaken prophetic dreams, intuition, inner sight, and of course, have calming and soothing affects for sleep. For my own, I used a rose quartz. I won't discuss the herbs and purpose of my goddess, however, as they are a little personal, and deep, and it's not something I care to share at this time. (I'm pretty sure that you're able to guess at the gist by the crystal choice, however)

Once my goddesses were knit, stuffed, and sewn together, they needed embellishing. This came in the form of using a lighter weight of yarn to chain stitch some handworked designs on them. They are all unique and different, as I wanted them to be easily identifiable should my daughters carry them around the house, or take them some place together. The pictures I show you below will be in the order of which I made them. The first belongs to my oldest daughter, who is 11, the second to my youngest daughter who is 1, and the last is my own.

Morgan's doll, with 2 toned embroidery.

Emelie's doll, with bonus baby hand in the photo!

My doll, with rose quartz toned yarn to go with the crystal.

I hope you like the dolls, and are inspired to make your own! Even if you can't knit, I think it's certainly possible to cut the shape of the goddess out of fabric (dollar store felt would be my fabric of choice, as you could stuff it with herbs, and not worry about the herbs poking through the weave) and sew it together. You could even embroider on the fabric before sewing and stuffing, and really make it your own! And if you decide to make your own, then comment below with links to show me! Or, tag me on Instagram, @imjustjess. Talk soon guys!


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