The Sacred Power of RED; Menstrual Blood in Magick

Thus far I've shied away from talking too much about magick on this blog, but that's about to change lovebugs, and I'm busting out of this little shell in a big way. That's right, I'm going to pop my magick-blog cherry by talking about something that may make some of you rather uncomfortable... menstrual blood, and magick.

First off, before we go ANY further, please understand one thing: I am well aware that if you Google "menstrual blood, magick" that pretty much every article that pops up will talk about using menstrual blood in love or romantic control spells. This blog post couldn't be further from that topic if it tried. If any of you have watched my YouTube channel for more than 5 minutes, you will know that when I read for others, I refuse to read for what I call "the absent third-party." Meaning, if that person isn't sitting in front of me (or paying for the reading), I'm not reading for, or about them. So, please rest assured, that if I have ethics like that when it comes to tarot and oracle card readings, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm against any spells that are in any way an attempt to control a specific person. It's unethical, it's wrong, and it's such a sad waste of such a potent and beautiful spell ingredient.

Our society and Western culture likes to demonize a women's monthly cycle. "Aunt Flo" gets a bad rap, and is presently dreaded by men and women alike. Women hate how it makes them emotionally vulnerable, unable to participate in some physical activities, wear certain types of clothing, or partake in certain ahem, extra-curricular activities should their partners want it. Men of course, feel fearful of women when they are menstruating. There are hundreds of jokes about how you should just avoid women on their periods altogether, throwing chocolate and wine at them if they come within 10 feet. No wonder we feel ashamed about what should be seen as something that's beautiful, natural, and powerful! Menstruating isn't gross, it's fucking AMAZING!

Each month, our body gives us a chance to shed the previous month's energies, emotions, and experiences. We get a chance to go within and reflect on what we want to rid ourselves of, rest our bodies, minds and spirit, and be in a state of stillness and peace - IF we let ourselves. But the world of men often scoffs at the idea of a woman who rests. Shouldn't she be doing something? Taking care of someone? Multi-tasking? Making or baking something? Shuttling her kids or sick relatives around or cleaning the house in a frenzy? Simply put - No. Not all the time. There are times where these types of activities can come naturally and easily to us, and times when our bodies tell us to slow down and recover, prepare ourselves for when that time will come again. Because women's cycles are cyclic, governed by a constant cycle of hormones that rises and falls rather predictably (for most of us) each month, around the same times.

Menstrual blood isn't just the removal of the lining that could have helped to nestle a baby through the nine month process of pregnancy, it is also imbued with what we've eaten and drank, felt and experienced, held on to (consciously or not) and is a little part of US. There is, in my opinion, nothing more potent magickally for spell work than our own menstrual blood. Obviously, this ingredient isn't necessary for every spell, but some magickal working can be greatly improved with the addition of a little of this personal essence of YOU.

To some of you, this concept may be very, very new, and perhaps even a little intimidating. If the first thought you have had while reading this "how the hell could I even collect it?" then girl, we need to talk. Because that question tells me that you are still using conventional, drugstore pads or tampons. If this is the case, then let me enlighten you about some much better alternatives - not just for you, but for the environment, and hey, you'll be able to collect some of your menstrual blood for magickal use too if you so desire.

There are many re-usable options out there for us, that doesn't involve shelling out dozens of dollars every month to re-stock your bathroom cupboard. Washable pads and panty liners are great for those of you who don't like to stick anything up your vagina. These can be purchased online (even Amazon has suppliers) or sometimes even at your local farmer's markets or craft sales. Washable silicone cups, like the DivaCup (which I use) or the MoonCup are soft, flexible, easy to place, and simply collect your menstrual blood, and you can empty it accordingly as your flow fluctuates. You can even wear it to bed! There are also washable natural sponges, but from what I've heard, they don't have a long "shelf life," if you know what I mean. Either way, if you've never tried any of these options, I highly recommend giving one a go. You will have to put out a bit of an investment at first, but I am pretty confident that you will like the result! The environment will thank you too, because you won't be helping to fill the landfills with more sanitary supplies!

Once you've settled on your menstrual-management technique, you need to collect the blood. If you're using a cup, the obvious answer is to have some sort of vessel to pour the blood into when you empty it. Once you've collected it, you need to let it settle for a couple of days if you have any blood-born illnesses to be concerned about, like Hepatitis C, or STD's. This allows the viruses or bacteria to denature and become inert. If you know you're clean, then you can skip straight ahead to mixing it in an approximate 10:1 ratio with water (1 part menstrual blood to 10 parts water). You CAN use straight menstrual blood for some things, like painting or anointing, but if you plan to later pour the blood into the ground, you need to make sure it's diluted so that it won't overwhelm the plants. Plants LOVE the ingredients in our blood, but too much delivered at once can shock some plants, so diluting is always the safest course.

Re-usable cloth pads and sponges need to be soaked in cool water for at least a 1/2 hour to get the bulk of it out, before being washed. The water that you soak them in initially is the final solution, and you can use it in all the ways mentioned above.

Menstrual blood magick may not be right for everyone, but I truly believe that women need to start making a more conscious effort to get connected to, and take back the power of our cycles. Drug store, mass-produced tampons and pads are often made with harmful chemicals and synthetic fibers, don't allow our more sensitive, sacred and precious area of our body to breathe properly, and thus encourage the growth of fungus or bacteria that can lead to yeast infection or UTI's. Most companies don't even list the ingredients of their products on the packaging, but if your tampons come with a warning about TSS, and reusable moon cups DON'T, then consider what you may be introducing to your body with tampons.

Our menstrual cycle is something that is precious and sacred to us, and is the SOURCE of our power, not the under-cutter of it. Haven't fallen in love with your bleeding time yet? Try reading Lisa Lister's Code Red, and see how you feel after that. Or, check to see if you can find a Red Tent Temple in your area, and connect with women who are trying to take back the wisdom of the life force that is our menstrual blood. This doesn't have to be a shameful time for us anymore, but it's up to each and every woman to decide what she's going to say to herself about her cycle, and what she will allow other people around her to say about it too.

I hope your Beltane and ritual is beautiful and magickal, and that you are able to connect a little more with the power that is you, and being in flow (pun intended) with your monthly menstrual cycle. Blessed be.


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