Babies, a Wedding, and a Funeral

Life, to say the least, has been a bit crazy and emotional as of late. You may have noticed my shop is currently on holiday mode, or noticed that I haven't been as active on my Facebook or Instagram pages.  And there is a reason for that.

Last week, my husband lost his mother, and I, my second mother. She was an amazing mother-in-law to me, and keeping vigal at her bedside as she slowly passed away was both one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but it was also an honour, to stay with someone I loved so much like that, to keep her from being alone in her last moments. The void that her passing has left is huge, however, and it will definitely take me some time to grieve. In many ways she wasn't just my mother-in-law, she was mom, and the world lost a strong, loving, kind, but spunky woman who had so much love left to give.

But with death, also comes life. Very recently my sister-in-law, cousin, and friend all had babies. My niece and second cousin I have met and held, and soon I will meet my friend's new son. Babies take the sting out of death for me, and while I miss Mom terribly, new life makes me feel a little better about the circle of life.

My own kids have kept me quite distracted too. I've signed our kids up for the summer reading club at the local library, and my oldest is moving on to middle school in the fall. I managed to get a really good photo of them together on their last day of school too! less than a month, I will also be attending a cousin's wedding! This is my older cousin, and she and I are very similar in a lot of ways. We've shared many a struggle and emotional moment and similarity, and my love for her knows no bounds. I can't wait to see her tie the knot with the love of her life, and on my Grandpa's birthday too, at that! We've both been through a lot, and I'm so happy that I'll get to her happy too!

With Mom's passing there is potentially a big change for our family, but I won't go into that yet, until we are certain what is happening. These changes are keeping me busy for sure, and other than reading and a knitting project or two, I'm keeping a fairly low profile for now. I will see how this week goes for me emotionally, and if I feel up to it, I will re-open the shop at the beginning of next week. If I'm still feeling a little vulnerable and unable to cope with the world around me too much, then I'll leave it off for another week.

Some of you have known something has been up with me, and I appreciate the love and support I have gotten while I grieve this dear family member. Your blessings and good energy are really helping me get through this difficult time.

Many blessings, Jess


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