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Hi there everyone, my name is Jessica from Stellar Tarot. I hope you enjoyed the previous blogger, Victoria from Eternal Athena Tarot, and what she had to say about The Star. In case you missed it, you can find her at her website or see her post by following this direct link:…ings-of-the-star/  And now, let's move on to my personal favorite card, The Moon.

When I was twelve years old my friend and neighbor brought home a book from the library called Candlelight Spells by Gerina Dunwitch and the two of us read a bit about Wicca and witchcraft, and spent the summer in the fields behind our house casting spells, calling the elements and watch towers, and pretending to be witches. Or at least, she was pretending to be a witch. I was absolutely hooked on how I felt as I was holding my stick-for-a-wand in my right hand, drawing a magick circle and sipping black tea while inhaling the fragrance of dollar-store incense. It was like I had come home to my soul, to my spirit. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be.

I was one of those kids who didn't have many friends, didn't fit in with her family, and spent most of her time outside, and stayed up late to read past my bedtime. My friends were the autumn leaves, the moon and stars, characters in my beloved books, and the trees in the fort that I had behind my backyard. I spent countless hours escaping from reality, where I felt like an unlovable outsider, to places where I felt communion. That summer with my friend, exploring witchcraft, brought me closer to a feeling of belonging than anything else yet. I've been a practicing pagan to some degree since then, and the end of this month will make that 20 years.

Fast forward to my 16th birthday party, I was having a sleepover with some friends at the time, and one of them had brought a tarot deck. It was the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck with the plaid backings, and she was doing readings for everyone. While she was taking a break in the bathroom, I flipped through the deck, gazing curiously at all the images on the cards. Some of them depicted images I was familiar with from my Catholic upbringing, like the Heirophant, and Judgement. Some of them looked outright scary, like Death, and The Devil. But when I came across The Moon, I was entranced.

The Moon would be the card that would hook my attention for years to come. No matter how many times I put my tarot decks away (because I quickly acquired 3 of them in the next year), I would inevitably get them back out, if only to flip through the images again, and I would always find myself staring at that particular card longer than any of the others. It would come up often in my awkward, beginner readings that I did for myself, and I would always turn to the page about The Moon in the book, and read the description, hoping that magickly, this time it would say something that actually made sense to me.

Traditionally, The Moon has often sounded like a warning, the half-light that moonlight gives off is meant to represent not seeing the whole situation, of groping around in the dark, and needing to be careful and proceed with caution. Deception, the psychological shadow, and feeling "left out in the dark" are also common themes attributed to this card. I would read this, and my mind would go crazy with confuion; the moon had always felt like such a beautiful, mystical energy to me. It was associated with the goddess, especially goddesses like Selene, Diana, Artemis, and Isis. It also has the image of a crab on, the symbol of my Sun sign, Cancer. How could a card that looks this beautiful have such an ominous meaning?

I've learned through many years of reading tarot now that reading tarot cards with the book meanings, while very, very, helpful, will only get you so far. Tarot is riddled with images, symbolism, and expression, things that every person reacts to a bit differently. Take the Heirophant for instance; some people see a religious leader, like the Pope, someone to admire and look up to, while others will see a figure that encapsulates everything wrong with the Catholic faith, or organized religion, or just religious leaders in general. An image that provides some people with comfort, will make others incredibly uncomfortable. The same is true for my beloved card. The Moon for me is a thing of beauty, of intuition, of a guiding light when all else appears to be dark.

Your personal associations with the tarot cards are just as important as the established book meanings, if not more important. How you feel about a card will greatly influence what you say about it, and how you interpret it. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what this particular card means to me, and I'd like to share some of that with you now. Please remember though, that these are my personal associations with this card; you may or may not agree with them, but that doesn't make either of us right, or wrong. It's all about perspective.

First off, I like to take the traditional meaning of The Moon and turn it on its head a little bit; so half-light, deception, and groping around in the dark becomes being in a situation where you intuition and heart will serve you better than your eyes, the unlit areas become areas of interest and focus, and the eerie light becomes soft, and magickal, illuminating everything with a romantic, witchy feel. Midnight, The Witching Hour, is a time of magick, of possibility, of putting energy into an intention and sending it out into the world. The Moon for me represents the goddess, the divine feminine, and influences the tides, and even our human nature. The Moon's cycle of approximately 29 days is the same length of time as a woman's menstrual cycle, and if a woman isn't on birth control, she will often naturally bleed with the new moon, and ovulate with the full. The Moon represents cycles, phases, and tapping into the wisdom of the divine feminine inside of you (whether you are a man or a woman).

The Moon takes me back to my teenage years, when I would sit up awake late into the night during the summer holidays, reading sometimes until 2 or 3 am. I would take a break from my books at times to turn off my nightstand lamp and sit by the window, gazing at the moon and stars, whisper a prayer to the god and goddess, or even pause to do a little bit of meditation or communion with her mystical energies. Later, as I learned more about the traditional Maiden, Mother, Crone, and her lunar associations, I was even more drawn to working with the moon in her various guises. The Astronomy part of science class in high school was where I scored especially high marks, and I loved it whenever our science teachers would assign moon charting to the class for a whole month.

I hope that you have enjoyed my musings on The Moon, and that it has helped to expand and broaden your understanding of, or relationship with, this beautiful and mystical card. I encourage you to sit with this card yourself for a little while, and ponder what it means to you. And as always, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it in the comments below.

Bright blessings, and may the moon guide you on your path. <3

To progress forward in the journey, you can watch what Rash has to say, in her video on the card Judgement. Her video can be found at this direct link, or visit her at her website,


  1. Really gorgeous! Me and a group of friends have been studying the moon card for the past few months. We're doing some dream work/astral stuff where we "meet at the moon", where the path meets the waters. It has been really fascinating work! Thanks for your post - it was very charming, and reminded me of being a Baby Witch, too! aahhh... such happy and sweet memories!


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