Getting Down and Dirty

Okay, so before your mind starts to go into the gutter, I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about getting down on your hands and knees, stripping off your shoes, and actually getting in touch with Mother Earth. When is the last time you dug your hands into the soil? Sunk your toes into the sand? Walked in a creek? Played with mud? Planted something? If your answer to this goes something like this... "umm... I can't remember." "Haven't got the faintest clue." "Maybe a couple months ago?" then I think that like me, it's time you changed this!

Last night I went out with my sister-in-law, who happens to be a photographer. I wanted some more professional looking photos for my business, but we also wanted to have some witchy-themed photographic fun. What started off as a beautiful set in the woods migrated to me stretched out in the wet sand on the side of a river, and then we drove to another location where we both ended up knee-deep in a creek, but me with significantly less clothing on. I felt the breeze in my hair and on my face, I put my feet right onto and into mother earth, got my hands covered in sand, and I squelched my feet into the mud in the creek, feeling it's soft current rippling around my legs. All while the sun slowly but surely set. We moved with the light, took our time in the fading twilight.

I had a blast. And even though I wasn't trying deliberately to get in touch with Mother Earth, like I would if I were meditating or in ritual, I felt it. For a little while I was in her flow. I was glowing. I was the earth, I was the air, I was the water, and I felt that fire in me like never before. Doing a photo shoot got me back in touch with my witchy self like nothing had the last few weeks.

Moving sucks, people. And it's even worse when you're moving into a house that was still full of someone else's stuff. As we move stuff in, we also have to move stuff out. I've been going through my mother-in-law's possessions, delving deep into paperwork, garbage, receipts, photos, her lifetime of treasures, and it is not easy. I find myself torn a lot, between keeping something because it belonged to mom and dad, or re-homing it because it's just not something that I'm into. I had an eerie moment earlier this week as I was alone in the new house, going through the display cabinet, deciding which of her display treasures to keep, and which to donate, when their wedding picture fell off the wall and crashed to the floor with a terrific sound. It made me nearly jump out of my skin, and I felt for a moment that Mom felt a bit upset about what I was packing up to give away. So yes, dear hearts, I rehung her photo, and had a moment looking her in the eye to apologize, but neither of the other kids wanted these things, and they weren't my style either. I explained to her that I was keeping some of them, but only that, a select few. My memories with her and Dad were far more important to me, and while I knew she loved these things, they were just that to me, things. They didn't remind me of her, they were just more items to dust, care for, and transport later on if we ever moved.

That felt like it settled it. I didn't get the eerie energy in the room anymore, and it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders too. Mom just wanted to know what was going on, and rightfully so. Going out to do the photo shoot seemed to calm my own nerves about moving in here, and I heard or saw plenty of amazing animal messengers to confirm it. Frogs, herons, fish, and more were spotted or heard all night long, and they seemed to make their appearances at just the right times to make me feel all the better about things. I can't wait to see the finished photos, she said she got some absolutely amazing shots.

Until next time, bright blessings everyone! <3


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