What's new at Stellar Tarot?

For the most part, I try to keep the business-y stuff off my blog. I like to use this platform to talk more about my personal and magickal life, and more the "behind the scenes" stuff in my life. I figure if you want to buy a reading, you'll go to the shop, and buy a reading. Or you'll send me an email or message on Etsy and talk to me about what kinds of readings I offer, what's suited to your question, etc. I try not to be pushy when it comes to my business. I'm here if you need me, and I put myself out there a bit, but I'm not going to be blasting into your inbox or on your social media feed with adverts much at all. 

But then sometimes, you have a week where the creativity just busts you wide open, and you make a whole bunch of things, all at once, and you can't wait to share them with the world. That was me this week. On the day of the eclipse, it happened to be my friend's birthday, and after I did my live Facebook broadcast (you can watch the replay here) she sent me a message requesting a custom reading for her birthday. I sat down and started to create a spread, and came up with this cute spread that vaguely resembled a cake with candles, and the positions for that spread. And then, because I loved what I came up with so much, I adopted the design for my shop. And so, on Tuesday, the Happy Birthday To Me Spread was born. 

The next day I was shuffling my cards, and I had an urge to create new spreads, yet again. And so three more were born. The Get Your Goddess On Spread was first up. 

Then the Moon Honey Spread came to me. 

And then, because I guess the juices were really flowing, I created the Earth Energy Spread too. 

I had so much fun shuffling cards around, gathering crystals, and setting up mock tarot spreads for the photographs. And I also had a lot of fun setting them up with color, and real earthy backgrounds. It's made me kind of want to redo the images that I use for the rest of my spreads, but we'll see how things go. That may be something I take one day at a time. 

The creative energy hasn't stopped with my business either. I've been settling in more here at our new place. Furniture is being arranged, the china cabinet in the kitchen has been set up with my treasures, I've been purging away at our stuff, and finding good quality replacements for the cheaper items that we had. I've been buying mostly second hand, and decorating my home with our own treasures, and those that I've found on bidding wars groups, charity shops, and found items from around the house and town. And of course, writing on my blog, and in my journal has been an excellent way of channeling this energy too. 

I hope you guys found this blog interesting. I know it's not keeping in with my usual style, but sometimes, you need to spread the word and shamelessly promote a bit to get things out there. <3 



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