Helpful, Everyday Practices for the Daily Witch

It occurred to me recently that one of my favorite type of posts to see on blogs, Facebook, and other media lately have been lists of things that were important to other people. Their daily routines, favorite television shows to watch, books to read, that sort of thing. Yet, I have never really done one of them myself, and that's a shame, because there's loads of lists I could make that might be of some interest to my readers. So, today, I'm doing a list of daily practices that can be helpful for the witch who wants to connect with the divine in the everyday.

Not every witch is big into elaborate, long rituals with dozens of candles and incense cones burning. Some of us have kids or pets that make this kind of practice rare, difficult, or downright dangerous (ever told a two-year-old to "no touching!" with a candle? Difficult!!!) to perform. So, I've started doing some of these things on a regular basis to connect me with the divine in little, stolen moments.

1. Enjoy a cup of tea, or other hot beverage, in as much peace as you can. For me, this usually is the first cup of tea, before my kids are really up. My husband often starts, or totally makes this cup of tea for me, because I am NOT a morning person, chickadees, and I often either sip it quietly still in bed, if they're not up yet, or I take it to my rocking chair in the living room and calmly rock and sip, for as long as I can (usually until my toddler gets up, or my son decides to play with his toys instead of getting ready for school). As mornings are generally a struggle with my son to get him ready in a timely fashion, this bit of time to quietly wake up and sip my hot drink is beyond precious. This isn't so much a time to connect to the divine for me, but if I made that more my focus, it could be. But it sure helps me to start my day off with a tiny bit of pleasure, so I've included it here for you.

2. Drawing a daily tarot card/oracle card/rune/etc. If you are a witch that's into divination, then this can be an awesome way to start or end your day. Make it into a little ritual if you want by lighting a candle or burning some incense, or doing some meditation before you pull your card. Depending on how you like to do a daily draw, this could be a bit of guidance for the day, or a way to sum up the general energy, or provide you with a cheerful message to dwell on during the difficult parts of your day. It can also be a helpful way to frame your issues, and give you some perspective when you're struggling to deal with something. 

3. Go for a walk, or talk to your plants as you water them. If you're a nature-loving witch like me, then going outside for a walk on a regular basis is not just good for your health, it's good for your mental health and spiritual connection. I love to listen to the wind make the trees whisper, and the smell of the rotting loam in the forest has to be one of my all time favorite scents. The rain on a plastic roof or umbrella, or hitting the leaves and ground is one of the most relaxing I can think of, and the taste of water fresh from a running stream? Can't think of anything more life-giving! But, when the weather isn't allowing me to get outside, I like to take a few minutes to water my plants, touch them, and talk to them. If I can't go to nature, I bring nature to me. 

4. Light a candle. If I don't have time for an actual dedicated meditation practice, I like to light a candle and put it somewhere nearby (but safe!) and when I have a few seconds, stare into the flame. It's an instant relaxer for me, and if the candle is scented, or if I add a couple drops of my favorite oil blend to the melted wax to liven it up, then all the better! 

5. Music choices. If making time for even the most basic meditation practices is difficult for you, and you don't have time to burn a whole cone of incense or do a ritual, consider playing some witchy or pagan music in your car on your way to and from work as a way to do a daily devotion to your deity of choice. Artists like Kellianna and Damh the Bard are just a couple of the musicians that make music specifically for pagans to sing along to, even use during ritual. Personally, one of my favorites is The Morrigan by Damh the Bard, and The Serpent Mound by Kellianna, the latter of which I actually use as a lullaby to sing my youngest child to sleep sometimes. And if you're musically inclined, consider writing a song of your own to sing when you're driving, or in ritual. 

6. Saying "Grace." This is not just a practice for Christians before they eat, this can be a pagan practice too! There are many cultures around the world that give thanks to their divinity of choice before partaking in their meals, including Native Americans, who give thanks to the spirit of the animal once they've killed it in a hunt, or before they cook it, if they've purchased the meat from a store. Some people choose to eat only meat that has been free-range, or grass-fed, or other things like that, while for others, going vegetarian or vegan is the best way to honour the spirits of animals. Either way, a quick mental note of "thank you great goddess, for the food I'm about to eat" is simple to do before it passes your lips, or you can light a candle, hold hands as a family and make a mini ritual of it. The same is true for prayers before bed as well, if that feels right to you. You can request that your god or goddess watch over you while you sleep, providing you safe passage to the Other Side should you pass in the night. 

7. Touching a special object, or anointing yourself daily with a special blend. If you want to really dedicate a bit of time, or make a mini routine for yourself, you could go through a set of prayer beads dedicated to your god or goddess each morning, or make sure that you touch a special blessed object before you leave the house, or even do a mini-shielding ritual before leaving your home each day. This could involve something as simple as imagining an energetic shield around yourself, or anointing each of your chakra points before going anywhere, etc. It can be as simple or as complicated as your day and imagination allows. 

Well chickadees, I hope that this post has given you some good tips as to what you can do every day to connect to the divine as a witch! Not all witchcraft has to be complex rituals like in The Craft, or involve tons of time and energy. It can be as simple as remembering to express gratitude in your mind to your deity, or doing a bit of yoga or stretching before getting ready for your day. Whatever suits your personality, and your schedule. Get creative, but most of all, get DEVOTED! Much love, and bright blessings. 

-Jess <3 


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