What Does Samhain Mean to You?

What is Samhain to you?

To me, Samhain is a time to start diving into my own psyche, to begin, or continue doing, shadow work. It's the time to look for what in your life is ready to metaphorically die, and then bury it. It's a time to remember my ancestors, both genetic and energetic, and honour them and their energies, to make offerings to them and bring them into the circle with you.

I also find that this time of year is the right time for doing work to heal the relationship you have with the memories of certain departed relatives. You know the ones I mean; the critical grandmother, the cynical aunt, or the distant and gruff great-uncle. People who you are related to, who never managed to overcome some of their biggest emotional obstacles in life, may regret or be saddened by the memories of themselves that they left behind when they passed over. If you have a relative who you found it difficult to connect to when they were living, now is a great time to try to do some healing work between the two of you energetically. This may involve calling in their spirit and trying to have a heart-to-heart with them on the Astral plane, or it could simply be you deciding to forgive them and let any of your anger and resentment towards them go, especially if you felt like that relative departed while the two of you had unfinished business. 

In a more positive light, you may choose to call in the spirit of your departed loved ones to help you do some healing work on yourself. Their presence and energy may be just what you need to get through a difficult phase in your life, finally get over the obstacle you've been facing on your journey towards self-love, or their energy could aid in a spell for healing, recovery, or positive changes. 

Of course, Samhain is also called the witch's new year, and a lot of people, myself included, see Samhain as a time to set spiritual, and maybe even tangible, practical, goals. This is when I start to revisit my planner for the year, and see what I've accomplished. If there are things I never really made a start on, or have passed me by the way side, I ask myself why. Was there a big event in my life that derailed my time and energy elsewhere? Or was this goal only something I wrote down because it looked good on paper? I've definitely been guilty of the last one, writing down things like "weekly yoga classes" when I knew damned well our budget couldn't support that, or that I had no intention of really keeping to it, because I wanted it to be there when I checked off other goals, and shared it on my Instagram or something. 

It's when we really analyze the goals we have written down on the paper that we have a chance to ask ourselves things like "Do I really intend to fulfill this goal?" or "Am I setting this goal because I believe it will be best for me, or because it will cast me in a certain light to others?" Taking time to examine why you've set a goal in the first place is important, and keeps us on the right track by keeping us focused on goals that actually mean something to us, that will light us up when we achieve them, or further our development as people while on this rock hurtling through space. 

This year, I'm going to be having three Samhain celebrations. One of them will be with my best friend Bree, we have planned out a ritual and a spell together, and we will specifically working with ancestor energy to further our own personal healing. I'll be doing a ritual on my own as well, to work with the things that are more personal and private than I want to go into, even with my best friend. And finally, I'll be doing my first ritual with my coven in a year. Almost all of us have experienced a deep loss or two this past year that has completely derailed our abilities to come together and work our magick as a group. I'm looking forward to this ritual more than any of them, because these are women who I haven't seen much this past year, and that I desperately want to hold again. I miss their energies and their friendship so very, very much. 

So chickadees, what does Samhain mean to you? I'd love to hear your story in the comments! Much love, and bright blessings. 



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