Where are you, Samhain?

I confess, I am your average witch who lives for the Samhain/Halloween season every year. I love it when the weather turns chilly, the rains return, the leaves change colour and the winds start to blow. I live for sweater weather, having always been a person who prefers to dress in layers all cozy, rather than shorts, maxi dresses, and flip-flops. I love it when I can dig my scarves, hoodies, and shawls out, and wrap myself in coziness, pull blankets over my lap on the couch while I read or knit, and snuggle up with my kids for both warmth and love. But this year, I'm finding it hard to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Even before I identified as a pagan and as a witch, I lived for Halloween. I loved dressing up in costume as a kid, and when I was too old to go trick-or-treating I would decorate our house up for the season, usually going out of my way to make things like scarecrows, ghosts hanging from the front trees, and heaping up piles of leaves that I would dutifully rake up from the yard to pile up around the front door with our carved up pumpkins. My mom would roll her eyes as I would tape witches, pumpkins and other shapes onto the front window, but I think she secretly loved to see someone getting into the spirit.

I'm the pumpkin!
And now that I'm the one with the kids, I go full-on with Halloween, usually decorating the outside and inside of the house around Mabon. It's not something I skimp on, or put off, and I'm usually revved up to get my kids' Halloween costumes purchased and ready before October has even come around. 

Emelie's first Halloween, she's dressed as an owl! I stayed home with her, so I slapped a witch's hat on for fun.
I don't know if it's the recent events and move that has had me putting off setting up for Samhain, or the fact that September was busy with cleaning up our old townhouse (front porch of pictured in the above photo) to prepare it for being put up for sale, but I've barely been motivated to even put up Samhain readings on my Etsy shop. But today, I decided I officially needed to get myself out of this FUNK. I had a reading for a client I needed to do, so I set my reading table up for Samhain, lit some incense and my new Empress candle, and got busy. 

These are the backs of the cards I drew for my client for her Divine Feminine reading today.
And sure enough, after I tuned into the cards for her messages and typed up a storm for her reading, I could feel the Samhain juices starting to flow... and the Samhain spreads poured forth from my creative soul. 

I'm feeling the desire to commune with my matron goddess, The Morrigan now, and breathe the scent of incense in deeply, decorate my altar with fallen leaves, nuts, and acorns, and really dig into that Samhain energy. 

And speaking of the Morrigan... have you heard the news? I'm going to be a published AUTHOR this spring, ladies and gentlemen!!! I have written a book about my beloved matron, and the amazing girls at The Girl God publications have been gracious enough to pick me up. You can find out more about my book, and the other amazing books published through them here: The Girl God

Pre-orders will be available soon, and it will published as a soft-cover book, and a Kindle book. The amazing Arna Baartz is my illustrator, and I'm so thrilled because I find her artwork to be something where my psyche can go diving and swimming in spirit itself. Please check her out here: Arna Baartz

Okay I'm going to leave you here, dear hearts. I've got some decorating for Samhain to do around my house! Are you feeling the vibes this season, or feeling out of spirit too? Let me know in the comments. 


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