Silence is Golden

So if you hadn't read any of my blog posts in the last few months, then you might not be aware that I've been pulling back away from the blogging world a little bit. I found that trying to push myself to get a blog post up on a regular basis was getting more traffic driven to my blog and channel, yes, but it was also sucking the creative juices from me like no one's business. You see, I was working on writing some pieces for the follow-up anthology to my children's book, My Name is The Morrigan (which you can get on Amazon), and I needed to drive my creative juices to those pieces first and foremost. And if I'm being absolutely honest, I'm not a very big blog reader these days anyway, and so putting my energy into writing pieces for one just hasn't been my top priority. So, hence the "silence is golden" title for the blog. Silence for me in the blogging world has meant gold has been coming out of my fingertips into Word documents.

But I've been enjoying silence a bit in my personal life as well. I hadn't made any videos for my channel for a couple of weeks until yesterday because a lingering cough from a cold I had back at the end of April had pretty much taken away my ability to talk for any length of time without having a coughing fit. So, I decided that I can't talk much, I might as well do some useful things with my time. I've read about one and a half books on spirituality, finished another I had been reading for awhile, and I've been spending a lot, and I mean a lot of time outside. The weather here in the Fraser Valley has been unseasonably warm, and so I took advantage of it to expand the garden in my front yard by about 4 times its original size. This involved a lot of physical labor, ripping up sod, laying down fresh soil, planting shrubs and flowers, and then mulching over it. There was lots of weeding to be done too, as the gardens were completely overgrown by Morning Glories last year.

There was also work to be done in the backyard as well. Grapevines needed pruning since they hadn't been pruned back in probably almost a decade, and the neighbors' weeds and shrubs were overgrowing the fence into our backyard, and so we had to take care of them on our side too. Add to that the fact that my parents gave us the trampoline from their backyard for our kids to use here, and its meant that I've been spending a lot of time under the blue skies and warm sun. Even my Mother's Day was spent outside, as my husband surprised me with a trip to a local lake, where we hiked around the entire thing, a trip that was approximately 6km long.

I've been resting my voice as much as I can, in order to speed up the healing time, but it hasn't kept me down. I've kept busy knitting, reading, and today, I even went for a hike with my youngest while the older two kiddos were in school. It wasn't a difficult hike, but its a special one for me, because at the "summit" you get to see seven ancient, old growth Douglas Fir trees, called the Seven Sisters. Just being near those trees is a spiritual experience for me. Their energy is wise, potent, and healing.

Even Emelie, who is normally very, very energetic, is calmer when we approach these trees. She loves to look up at them, and touch their uneven, bumpy bark. Some of them have fallen, sadly, but from what I know, they fell due to natural causes. I always like to touch the fallen sisters and their stumps and know I'm touching something that could have been alive when prehistoric mammals roamed this area.

So, I'm sorry if the silence is long for you guys, but healing happens at the pace that it needs to, and my throat says no more videos for at least another week, after making that one yesterday. It's still sore and scratchy, and the cough isn't quite ready to let up. I'm trying to keep up with my other social media feeds, however, so if you don't already follow me on Facebook or Instagram, the links are below:

Happy Beltane season, witches. Love you! <3


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