Recently I've been feeling like I'm bursting at the seams, something inside of me wanting desperately to get out, and I didn't know exactly what it was. It wasn't until I started scrolling through my Etsy shop stats and listings, wondering why I was even there that it hit me.

I'd gone stale.

I looked at the old photos of readings, some with decks that I didn't own any longer, some were readings I had literally never done a sale on, and I was wondering why I was going stale? I had added to my shop, yes, but I hadn't taken anything away, and this was this feeling of overwhelm that was directing me back to my shop, over and over.

So if you are a regular client or a subscriber of mine, then you may have noticed that some reading options have disappeared, and new ones have popped up. It feels so refreshing to look at my shop listings now and see only readings that truly thrill me are there, and ones that you guys, my clients, keep coming back for. Because at the end of the day I'm doing this for all of you. I love knowing that what I do helps to clarify sticky situations, calms nerves, stimulates imagination and motivates you to reach for your dreams. I feel elated when I hit that "send" button and know that my reading will help you get closer to Great Spirit, tackle your shadow work, or dig deep to find those reserves to end an unhealthy situation.

The summer solstice was last week, and I know that the heat is going to oppressive soon, zapping me of a lot of my energy and motivation. I'm not the best in the intense heat, or in the extreme cold, and I find I don't do well mood-wise during these two temperature waves. As someone who identifies as a witch, however, and walks a nature-based path I feel like it's important that I try to make my peace with these seasons, to get more comfortable being in them and really learn to appreciate the beauty they have to offer. It's okay for me to own my challenges with these weather patterns, but it's not okay if I let myself be defined by them. I've been getting better at being alright with snow and cold in the winter, but I've really avoided tackling my relationship with the summer sun, so I made a promise to myself this Litha that I was going to make more of an effort to bond with the sun's energy.

To that end, I decided to try to take some pressure off myself this summer in regards to my shop. I have noticed that my sabbat-themed readings never really seem to sell, with the exception maybe being Samhain. I've decided to take sabbat-themed readings out of the shop for now, and of course, if you would like one, all you have to do is click that "Custom Reading" option, and let me know during the checkout what your area of focus is!

Alright my lovelies, I'll leave this rambly blog post here. I hope these changes to my shop are of interest to you and make a difference, and of course, if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.



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