Stellar Tarot is going on holiday!

Hello, my lovelies! I hope all of you have been enjoying your summer, I know I have! It's been crazy busy here at the Stellar Tarot household, with my three kids home from school, but also with extra kids every week! I've been doing daycare for some family members and a friend's 2 little girls (not usually all on the same day thank goodness!) so 4/7 days of the week there have been lots of rug rats running around. It's made for loud, busy daytimes, and then errands getting pushed to the evenings. There hasn't been a whole lot of downtime! On top of that, my husband has been building the kids a playhouse and sandbox structure in the backyard and I've been busy making Tarot-themed incense blends for the shop! 

I'm finally starting to feel my energy return after receiving some iron injections for a newly-diagnosed anemia, so I'm hoping to be able to get outside more now that I feel like I can through a day without needing a nap. It's returned just in time for me to prepare for our trip to Drumheller, Alberta later this month! In about 10 days time my family and I will be making the journey by car, giving ourselves 2 days to get there, and stopping at the mid-point at a place called The Enchanted Forest, which is basically a fairy and elf themed tourist park. I've seen some pictures online and it made my inner child and witchy heart go pitter-patter! I know my youngest will really love it, and I hope my son will too. The Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller will certainly pique his interest if the Enchanted Forest doesn't, though! Andrew has loved dinosaurs since he was tiny, so I'm super excited for him to see entire fossilized skeletons up close. 

This means Stellar Tarot will need to take a break for just over a week, however. I'll be closing the shop down on August 18th so I can pack, organize, and clean our place up for our house and pet sitter. With 2 cats, a dog, a 36-gallon tank full of fish, and a gecko being left behind, someone needs to be here to feed them! We get back on the 26th, but I'm going to take the day of the 27th to focus on unpacking our things and washing the mountain of dirty laundry we'll be lugging back with us. I'll reopen the shop right before I got to bed on the 27th, so effectively the shop will reopen on the 28th of August. 

If you want to get a reading done or a physical item shipped before I leave on holiday then please ensure your orders are in before the 15th. This will give me enough time to process, complete, and/or ship them before I leave. Any orders placed after the 15th but before the 18th, cannot be guaranteed completion before I leave. If you don't mind waiting longer but miss the deadline of the 15th, then your orders will be processed upon my return. 

I hope you all continue to have a wonderful summer while I'm gone, and of course, check my Instagram feed for some choice moments from our trip while I'm away, as I still plan to update that at the end of each day when we're in our hotels.


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