Stellar Tarot now has a newsletter!

Yes, it's true, I've finally got in bed with the big girls and created a newsletter! You can sign up from my website here, by filling out the form on the sidebar, and clicking Subscribe! I won't be inundating your email inbox with tons of unnecessary promotional material though, you won't even be hearing from me every month! Instead, you'll get an email just before each of the sabbats, and the content will change for every email. Sometimes there will be videos where I sit down and sip tea with you, chatting about life. Sometimes, I'll do a reading for you guys! And sometimes, you might even get super-special coupon codes towards readings and products in my shops... wink wink nudge nudge!

There will always be sneak peaks at what's coming up in my shop, and there may be some links to some videos that you may not have seen yet. I'll share some things going on in my life you may not see on Instagram or Facebook, so subscribe today to get in on the secret!

Thanks so much to my lovely fans who nudged me to make this happen! <3


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