Lessons from a Month with the Goddess Brigid

For all of January, I've been reading the book "Tending Brigid's Flame" and working closely with the goddess herself. I made a dedicated spot for her on my altar and was even inspired to craft a new reading for the shop that aligns with her energies. Along the way, I've learned a few lessons from Brigid, and I'd like to share them with you here.

1. It's always okay to be kind. 
It's so easy in our society to get our backs up and be offended by the actions (or lack thereof) of another, to get angry, to get righteous, and to decide to take a stand and be firm. But I think these action-oriented ways of approaching things aren't always the best way to solve them or get your point across. Sometimes trying to see things from the other person's viewpoint, and react from a state of compassion is a better approach. I've found this with myself, with my kids, friends, and with clients this month, and I've been having some amazing results with it. I'm going to try to carry this way of reacting with me into the rest of the year. Don't get me wrong though, sometimes drawing boundaries and reacting in a more active way is justified and the right choice, but I don't think it's always the right choice.

2. Scale Down, and Give Back.
Like many people, I've been bitten by the Marie Kondo bug a bit this month. I've been taking a look at how much stuff I have and been feeling very overwhelmed by it all. I've replaced some things with better versions (like an LED light that has different types of light settings, including daylight, which helps me to see my knitting better when it's dark) and thinning my collection of makeup, clothes, accessories, and even kitchen gadgets. It's been nice to walk into a room and see fewer choices and to have fewer things to dust, wash, or find homes for. This has included thinning out some of my tarot and oracle card decks, and even rehoming some tumbled crystals to people who have purchased them. I've been working through some of my extra teas as well, drinking them up in order to only have to store the ones that I really really love. I've always been feeling the need to give back, so most of the things I've been thinning out have been going to noble charities in my area, or to friends and family who need them. Saint Brigid was renowned for her philanthropy and charity work and was a sort of Mother Teresa in her time, and this side of her has really made an impact on me. I'll be attending a rally in early February in my area campaigning against an anti-LGBTQ school board trustee who is making students feel unsafe.

3. Take Time to Sit in Silence.
This probably doesn't sound like much of a revelation, but you'd be surprised how many times I, a major introvert, has avoided silence and meditation over the past year. I have been engaging in my spiritual practice, but it's been a practice of action, and noise, and involved a lot of stuff. Along with that call to simplify and pare down my possessions, I've also been called to make some time to just sit quietly, to be still, and to not do a darned thing. This is hard for me, as I'm a busy mom of three, I'm always wanting to make excellent use of my time, even my downtime. I'm an addicted multi-tasker, from listening to new music or a YouTube video while I clean to watching a documentary while I knit, or folding laundry while I watch the hockey game, so justifying spending 15 minutes or more sitting there doing nothing at all is a challenge. But I've found I've been so much calmer for it, and my parenting improves dramatically when I make time for silent meditation, or even just sitting in my rocking chair with a candle lit, rocking, and just spending the time lost in thought. If you've been avoiding this I recommend giving it a try for a few days.

4. Take Care of Your Earthly Body.
Again, this may sound like new age mumbo-jumbo, but I have found over the years that my spiritual practice is usually deeper and more powerful when my health is good. This month I have been making some small, simple changes that have led to some better health, and as a result, the ability to sit in meditation more easily, and that's included getting into a meditative headspace faster. I've been making sure I eat at least 2 servings of vegetables every day, going for walks in my neighborhood whenever the weather hasn't been absolutely pouring or torrential winds, doing some simple stretches in the late morning (not quite yoga, but working towards getting back into a yoga practice) and even doing a simple kettlebell lifting routine. I would be sleeping better, but my youngest was waking up every night until this past week, so I'm working towards getting a healthy sleep routine back for both of us.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post about how working with Brigid has helped me this month, and let me know in the comments if she's changed you for the better too!


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