My Ostara in Pictures

I was pretty worried the week before Ostara, as we experienced a late snowfall that stuck. I woke up 8 days before the sabbat to a blanket of snow that definitely dampened my spirits a fair amount. But thankfully, Jack Frost seemed to be only getting in his last hurrah before giving up and retiring for the time being.

Then, it was as if Mother Earth woke up suddenly from a nightmare about our world turning into Westeros with a decades-long winter and surged back into life. In a matter of 2 days all the snow in my neighborhood except for the really big piles was gone and melted. Crocuses that had been struggling to bloom for awhile burst into life, and miniature leaf buds appeared on the bare branches in my trees.

Temperatures this week have topped out at 23 degrees Celcius, the sky has been clear and blue, and the birds are so plentiful and spirited that it's like walking around in a Disney movie out there. I even managed to get a really mild sunburn, and had to put sunscreen on! My kids and I have been outside a lot, soaking up this unseasonable warmth and sunshine. I know the rains are going to come this weekend, so I've been encouraging them (and myself) to enjoy as much of it as possible!

And then, came the day of Ostara itself! It was sunny again, and warmed up quickly. So mid-morning my kids and I headed out to the front garden to plant some flowers that would give us a bit of early spring color. Primulas and pansies were planted into the rich, damp soil, and we "planted" our wishes for the year into the ground with them.

I engaged in a fair bit of spring cleaning as my oldest took the younger kids to the park across the street, taking advantage of the weather to get my indoor plants outside for a bit of direct sunlight and a really good drink of water. It's so hard to do a deep clean with three little ones running amok, so I was glad to charge through all those jobs without disruption. After the kids were in bed I did my short but sweet Ostara ritual, keeping it simple and just enjoying the atmosphere of my altar room lit up with over a dozen candles. I slept on the sofa bed in there too, as my menstrual cycle hit me pretty hard and I felt like I needed some space from everyone. It was short lived however, as my youngest woke up sometime early in the morning with a bad cough and needed some snuggles to get back to sleep. She slept with me for the rest of the night and well into the morning, and I have to say, it wasn't a bad way to spend the night. I could see the full moon vibrant and bright from where I was laying, and it felt like we were bathing in divine feminine light and healing energy.

I hope you had a wonderful Ostara too, and that your celebrations will continue for the next few weeks to welcome in the spring. Let me know below how yours went, tell me about the magick you worked, the people you spent time with, or anything else that comes to mind! Thanks for reading my lovelies, and I hope you enjoyed this visual collection of my sabbat.



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