A Tarot Spread to Help With Procrastination

If you're anything like me, there are some jobs or items on your to-do list that you struggle to just get done already. You'll invent new jobs, go down rabbit holes of time-wasting tactics and drive 10 miles out of your way to get through only one mile of difficulty or unpleasantness. It's a normal, human-condition thing to do, and despite us pretty much all knowing this we'll still heap loads of guilt and self-loathing onto ourselves when we catch ourselves doing it. Its something I deal with on a regular basis myself (I'm looking at you, baskets of laundry that need to be folded...) and I've been doing it with a certain set of tasks surrounding my business lately. I decided that I would create a tarot spread for myself to help deal with it, and I figured hey, if I'm currently wading through some negative self-talk about how I put off things that need to be dealt with, then a lot of you probably do too!

Position 1: The history behind why this task is so hard for you to face. Almost everyt ime there's something I'm putting off doing, it's usually because I find it unpleasant, perhaps there's history with it that makes me uncomfortable, or there's a lot of bad memories from when I did try to tackle it and things went sideways. This spread position will help you to clear up the reasons behind why it's so upsetting, because knowledge is power. Once you know why you're avoiding something you can strategize how to tackle it differently.

(Optional) Position 2: What happens if you keep avoiding it? If you're the type of person who needs to know what's the worst that could happen if you keep doing something you know you shouldn't be, then this position will help you. If however,  you know that seeing "what the worst that could happen?" will just send you into fits of anxiety or make it worse, then leave this position out. This position is only there for those who need to know what doom they're facing so they can get the motivation to avoid it.

Position 3: Helpful ways to reframe or modify the task: This position will help you find workable solutions to making the task seem less daunting or dull, make it more fun, or reframe your bad attitude or fear of it into something that will seem more manageable. For instance, I could reframe "I don't want to fold that mountain of laundry" to "I'll watch a YouTube video or tv while I fold that laundry!" and make the job far more pleasant with something fun to watch while I do a job I hate. Procrastinating bigger, less pleasant jobs like doing taxes or tackling paperwork? Well, you could certainly reframe it by dangling a carrot on a stick for yourself, like getting yourself a big old Venti Triple Shot Mocah-ccino when you're finished, or taking you and your tax forms out to sit under your favorite tree in the park while you fill them out! This card is designed to help get those creative juices flowing and find new, helpful, and possibly even fun ways of tackling those jobs that you're dreading.

Position 4: What's in it for me? This card will help remind you exactly what you'll accomplish once the job is done. Maybe you need to see it spelled out for you black and white (or you know, in this case, in an illustrated tarot card...) what's the pot of gold at the end of this particular rainbow? This position will spell it out for you, "you'll actually be able to move on from this!" or "hey, I won't be getting calls and letters from the Revenue agency if I file my overdue taxes!" are things you can expect to see representations of here. There's nothing (at least for me) like seeing "RELIEF" and "ACCOMPLISHMENT" or "I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!" in a tarot card that makes me think to myself, "You know, this is doable. Let's stop putting it off and get it done already."

I hope that this spread helps you get to terms with your procrastinated tasks my lovelies! Let me know if you find it useful, and of course if you use it and share it on social media, please tag me in it! Be kind and site your sources! <3


  1. Este es un artículo muy deseable. Estás haciendo que estos párrafos sean emocionantes y atractivos. Le das a los lectores un montón de cosas que considerar, Respeto mucho tu forma de escribir, y me gusta que escribas de contenido relacionado con tarot.


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