Beltane is almost here!

In the Northern Hemisphere, Beltane approaches. We are almost at one of the major fire festivals of the Wheel of the Year, and the veil is thinning again as we approach the half-way mark to Samhain, and the coming of summer. Depending on where you live, spring may be in full bloom, or only just starting to emerge. It feels like almost anything is possible as the sun warms the earth and creatures emerge from hibernation or return from migration. It's amazing how much relief you can feel just from glimpsing green shoots poking out from the earth, or leaves budding on trees.

For our ancestors, Beltane was a time to celebrate fertility and the miracle of birth that happens after sex. It was common for couples to jump bonfires for luck in love, or to get married around this time. In modern witchcraft, these practices are still common, as is sacred sex and sensuality, dancing a Maypole, and just about any activity that includes flowers. I wanted to list some family-friendly and solitary witch practices that you can do to celebrate Beltane within and outside the confines of a magickal circle.

Bed Blessing: One of my favorite things to do every Beltane is bless my bed! That's because this is the primary place where I engage in sexual practices, and it's also where I lay my head each night to sleep and dream. I'm also a big fan of reading and writing when I'm in bed, as well as knitting while I watch tv or YouTube! Because I'm not the only person who uses this bed, and because I enjoy my time here doing so many things, I like to cleanse and bless my sleeping space with sage or other burning herbs or incenses, spray it with a special blend of anointing oils (diluted in distilled water), and place crystals near or under it to attract the type of energy and emotions I want to feel while I'm in it. I've even build crystal grids under my bed to help with things like prophetic dreams, deep and restful sleep, relaxation, love, and more!
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2. Plant something! No matter where you live in the world or what type of dwelling, there is always the possibility of growing something! Kids love getting involved in planting too, making this an ideal family activity for you pagan parents! Don't have a garden outside? No problem, start a potted garden on your balcony, doorstep, or steps! No outdoor space for plants? That's okay, house plants are a wonderful addition to your living space, providing both fresh O2 to breathe, as well as purifying toxins from the air. Don't have much of a green thumb? Well, this chart below shows several plants that are hard to kill, making them perfect for even the blackest of you black thumbs!
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3. Feed the Birds. A lot of birds finish migration around this time of the year, and with food and habitats under constant threat for many of them, bird feeders and seeds are a vital source of nourishment for many wild birds. Put out a variety of bird feeders to attract many different types of birds, and place birdhouses around your place too if you can! Trees that make ideal homes for birds are almost always well established, older trees, and with so many of those being cut down to make room for denser housing, birdhouses become the only option for some birds! Birdhouses can be purchased or made, and they can provide a great opportunity to teach children about the life cycle of a bird too! Not to mention, the sound of birdsong all around you is soothing and pleasant!
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4. Renew your marriage/partnership vows, or marry yourself: Beltane is all about love and self-love, and it makes an ideal time to renew wedding vows or vows of commitment and love to your partner or spouse, or to conduct a self-marriage ceremony in the sacred circle! These ceremonies or rituals can be as elaborate or simple as you like, attended by multiple or no extra people, and can be as witchy or not as suits you. I recommend a self-marriage ceremony even if you are in a relationship, as it's never a bad thing to commit to loving yourself more! It can be a great excuse for setting the bedroom up to look very romantic, to have a "wedding night" experience again, even if it's just for yourself. These types of rituals can be very special, intimate, and powerful, and I recommend trying one at some point in your witchy life. 
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5. Dedicate, or re-dedicate yourself to your path, craft, or deity: In a similar vein as the previous tip, if you've been on a journey with your practice in some way, studying a certain type of magick, practice, or witchcraft, or working closely with a deity, you may want to perform a ritual either dedicating yourself officially, or re-dedicating yourself to this path. You can perform a ritual like this on your own if you're solitary, or within a coven setting, and it can be a very powerful ritual to do if you've been feeling a little lack-luster with your witchy self lately. 
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