#tarothon2019 Tarot For Self-Empowerment

Well hello everyone! Last night (June 2, 2019) I was honoured to be a part of Tarothon 2019, a full 24 hours of live streamed tarot talks by 23 different creators. Things didn't go exactly as planned with a set of YouTube server outages that interrupted our ability to livestream for a few hours. We moved things over to the Hermit's Cave Facebook Group for awhile, before bringing Tarothon back from the dead when YouTube came back online!

My own topic aired at 5am BST, or 9pm PST, and I covered the topic Tarot for Self-Empowerment, complete with a tarot spread of my own devising, and I wanted to share that spread with you in written form here today. So, to review, when you're doing a tarot spread for self-empowerment, its usually because you are feeling very dis-empowered to begin with, whether by grief, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, shame, or a variety of other emotions, and you're doing this spread to motivate and empower yourself to tackle the situation and see it to its end. You'll want to select a deck that is a comfort to you, one whose imagery and meanings you're familiar with, and ideally that feels like an old friend. Avoid any new-to-you decks, ones with super confronting imagery, or the meanings you struggle to understand. This isn't the time for a tarot lesson, it's time to focus on yourself. Set the space in a way that makes you feel comfortable, warm, fierce, and empowered, or however you'll feel most comfortable. Grab your tarot journal, and let's begin!

Position 1: What am I already doing that is working? No doubt that even though you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, you're doing something right. So, honor it, celebrate it, and give yourself that much-needed pat on the back!

Position 2: How is this situation forcing me to grow? Sometimes seeing the potential for where you're going will provide the motivation to keep going! Growth is always an opportunity when your back is up agains the wall, so this card will help you see where you can level up.

Position 3: What gold can I uncover in the discomfort? There is always a hidden gem or bit of gold to be uncovered when you're rooting around in your shadow self. There's something beneath the surface about yourself that you may never have realized or seen, and this card will bring it to light. 

Position 4: What is this situation showing me about where I can improve my self-love and care toolkit? Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you're overwhelmed and fighting to stay on top of things self-care will often go right out the window. These energy leaks and areas where you sabotage yourself can be discovered and gives you the opportunity to learn from it, and shore them up for the future.

Position 5: What words of comfort would my best friend/mom/loved one/spiritual guide/etc give me about this? *And why am I not allowing myself to hear and/or believe it? Pretty simple, allow yourself to hear these words of empowerment, love, praise, and really take them in! Use them as reminders when you're feeling down in the dumps and like you can't go another step forward.

If you'd like to watch the video over and join in with all the banter that we had going on during Tarothon, please go here:

If you'd like to see the whole playlist and lineup of #tarothon2019 videos, click here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know if you do this spread how you get along with it!

Much love, and blessed be!


  1. Your section was wonderful and I’m so pleased you shared the spread here. Thank you Jess for everything!


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