As the summer winds down...

It’s so easy this time of year to get excited about what’s coming... Samhain. It’s almost in the air, it’s so close. And yet, we still have to get through a whole sabbat first before we get to beloved Samhain. If you’re a parent like me, you probably want August to go by quickly, so the kids can just go back to school already. In my house, by Lughnasadh, September can’t come fast enough. But as pagans and witches, as a people who constantly remind others that we are practicing a nature-based path, shouldn’t we be trying to soak in every day, really revelling in the season we’re in, instead of always looking to the next one? This is an internal struggle I face every year, trying to savour summer, even though it isn’t my favourite season.

Something that helps me slow down and focus on enjoying the time I’m in here and now is to focus on the wildlife, and interacting with it if possible. This past Sunday my husband and I took our kids to Manning Park, a beautiful Provincial Park in BC. We hiked around Lightning Lake, and then went to the resort area to enjoy a snack and let the kids play on the playground before the drive home. I managed to feed these Clark’s Nutcrackers right out of my hand, and it was a really magickal experience. Was I also still hot and a bit uncomfortable after our sweaty hike? Well, yes. But literally having a bird land on your hand is a feeling like no other, and it made the heat of the day far more bearable.

Whenever I find myself wishing I was some-time else, I try to find a focal point that will make where and when I am enjoyable. I also like to think about how our ancestors would have viewed the different seasons, and when I’m experiencing one I don’t like, I try to look for the activities they would have done and practice some of those myself. For instance, summer was an important time for our ancestors as crops were ripening and needed harvesting at different times. Constantly monitoring what was ready to be picked, processed and sold for maximum profit or freshness makes for a lot of work, and so I try to center myself with similar activities like berry picking and noticing when different plants and flowers come into their own in my garden.

So, if you find yourself having trouble rooting into the time and space where you currently are, I hope you’ll give these suggestions a go. It’s not always easy waiting for your favourite season to come, but you can make the wait more enjoyable. 

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