Tired, but fulfilled.

This is me, after working my first shift in a pharmacy in a year and a half. I hadn't been actively seeking work as I was pretty sure no one would want to hire someone with such an erratic schedule, but the job of working between two pharmacies owned by a local couple literally fell into my lap two weeks ago, and I decided to accept. It was kind of crazy how it all worked out, but work out it has. I have the best bosses I could possibly ask for, who know my employment history and are happy to take me with my mish-mashed knowledge and experience. I know I bring a lot of good things to the table where I am, but I also know that due to how my previous employers worked things that I have weak areas too that I will be working to strengthen for a little while.

I'll be working very part-time, but I'm happy with that, because I can still run things at Stellar Tarot just fine. I love having this blog, the YouTube channel and doing readings for my clients and I don't want to stop that anytime soon. But I have missed working in a pharmacy, I really have, I guess I just didn't realize that until I started working in one again this week. I miss talking to the patients, I miss making blister packs, the familiar routine of counting medications, repetitive tasks that I enjoy, like putting away bottles of stock, or quietly being able to sit in a corner and do some filing, alone with my thoughts for awhile, relatively undisturbed. I'm so thrilled to be working again, and still do what I love within the spiritual realm at home, and I really hope that this will be the one place I work at for years to come still. I can definitely see that happening here!

So, if you don't see me post quite as much as I used to, or if I'm a little quieter on social media, don't worry, I'm still here. I just have a little more on my plate over the next 2-4 weeks as I settle in here and get used to the routines I'll be having from now on. Please continue to reach out and talk to me on social media and here, I absolutely adore communicating with you guys, and feedback on my videos, posts, products and more is always, always welcome!

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Love and light,
Jess, Stellar Tarot <3


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