Journal Prompts for Shadow Work

Doing some shadow work this Yule season? Here are some journal prompts I hope you'll find helpful for doing it! And, if you need some more explanation of what shadow work is, please click this article link for more info:

1. Where was I when this shadow originated? How old was I? How did this shadow aspect help me to cope with the trauma or situation?

2. How have I wrongfully projected this shadow onto others?

3. How has this shadow aspect helped me over time?

4. How has it held me back?

5. How can I make friends with this shadow aspect and accept it back as part of me?

6. What new and better habits can I form to replace the behaviour associated with this shadow?

7. This Yule, how can I celebrate the enlightenment I've been given about this shadow?

I hope these journal prompts help you, lovelies, and happy Yule!


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