31 Days of Witchcraft

 If you follow along with me on Instagram (which I highly recommend you do if you love Instagram, because I post pictures of my witchcraft and tarot practice, kids, parenting lifestyle, and other things there all the time) then you'll know that October I've been following along with Jessi Huntenburg's 31 Days of Witchcraft tag there. It's been so much fun exploring her prompts for every day of October, and it's really been helping me to connect with the autumn energies on a daily basis and get in the mindset for Samhain. I've ended up planning my Samhain ritual of sorts throughout this process, and had a lot of fun taking some pictures for prompts I didn't already have photos that fit the theme. I thought I'd share some of them with you here:

It's been really fun going through my Google Photos account and seeing what little gems lurk in there I'd forgotten about, and it's also been fun thinking about how I'd like to present an image for the daily prompt. It's really gotten me thinking about the deeper meaning behind some of these words too, and how they often get thrown around in witchcraft and paganism, and how many of them, like Ritual, need to be taken more seriously. 

I'll be having a quiet Samhain ritual on my own this year. No friends, no other witches, just me, a dark room, a lit altar, and that brilliant full Blue moon. What are your plans for your Samhain ritual? Dumb supper? Connecting with your ancestors? Dedication to your god or goddess? Leave me your thoughts and plans in the comments below! 

Blessed and safe Samhain,
Jess. <3 


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