Still calling for submissions for Warrior Queen!


In 2021, I will be publishing my anthology with The Girl God, my second book with them (the first of course being My Name is The Morrigan, which is available on Amazon, here) and we are still looking for submissions for this book!

If you are a follower of The Morrigan and would like to have your essay, poetry, or artwork included in our anthology, then please submit them to and you just may have your pieces included in this book! You will also need to include a short bio about yourself, as all people whose work is included in this book will be referenced at the back. 


  1. Hello Jess. How are you? Writing to enquire whether you are still encouraging submissions for the above book. Thanks! Aria

    1. Yes we are, but the deadline is approaching quickly so make sure you get your submission into Trista soon! We're looking at June for publishing time.


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