Holding Fast

 As you may already be aware, my husband tested positive for Covid-19 a few days ago after coming into contact with a contagious coworker several days prior. This coworker was unaware they were infected and contagious and went to work several days feeling healthy, but was in fact, a vector for the virus. Since Tuesday of last week, Neil and I have been isolating at home, and our kids have been since we received the results on Wednesday. 

The first few days after the test came back were the most challenging for Neil health-wise, though this weekend has been the most challenging for me with the kids. There's been a lot of arguing about doing homework, having playtime outside (only in our backyard of course) and doing their regular jobs like putting away dishes, making their beds, and picking up after themselves in the communal rooms of our house. These jobs can produce some temper-tantrums at the best of times, but when you're stuck at home all the time unable to get away from annoying siblings and no time with your friends or running around on the playground working off steam, it's bound to make them more frequent. 

But all in all, we're doing okay. My family have brought us groceries, and also picked up the order of cat litter and dog food we made, and we were able to play some digital games together with my brother and sister-in-law (a series of games on our Xbox called Jackbox) too. I also started a sort of magickal journal for 2021, as I've basically been completely neglecting my formal book of shadows because I don't like the way it's been working. 

Up until now, I've felt fine, and I've been sleeping in a separate space away from Neil, letting him have our bed, both so he could be more comfortable and get better sleep, but also because we could keep the window open and air it out more effectively. Earlier this afternoon today I started to feel a little bit achy, and my throat felt a bit more sore than usual, so I headed out of the house for the first time since Tuesday morning back to the same place, my local testing site. I'll find out early tomorrow morning if I also have Covid-19, or if my menstrual cycle is just hitting me a little harder this time around. 

I also have been working on knitting some socks for a friend who has been down (I started them before Neil got unwell, but they'll still be wonderful to give to her later once I'm allowed out), and I'm sure I'll keep busy with books and the like too. We are all so grateful to all of you for the outpouring of love and support and well-wishes. If you want to contribute to us in any way, you can also drop a tip in my tip jar (in the shop here on the website) or leave me a PayPal or Ko-Fi donation. I'm going to keep making vidoes as much as I can, and reading for you guys, and know that any orders for prayer beads will simply be sanitized and shipped once I'm out of quartantine. 

Take care all of you, and stay safe, okay?! 


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