OOPS! I've Corrected a Shipping Mistake!

 For those of you who were looking at some of my prayer beads recently and wanted to purchase them, but then looked at the shipping cost and were like "umm... WHAT?!!" don't worry, that was a mistake, and it has now been corrected. 

Awen Prayer Beads

For a while, I accidentally had some prayer beads listed as weighing 3kg, which severely impacted the cost of shipping them. I've corrected this mistake, and all prayer beads are now listed as being either 0.03kg or 0.04kg for the ones that are a bit longer and more involved. Shipping them will no longer appear to cost you an arm and a leg! Sorry for the mix-up!

For those of you who have never even looked at my prayer beads, let me quickly explain them! I hand-make many different prayer beads that are a sort of witchy mala beads or rosary. They are in a strand and not a necklace form, which makes them smaller, more compact, and quicker to work through than a traditional 108 bead mala or Catholic rosary. The lengths of my beads depend on the concept and energies I'm designing them around, as do the beads and charms used. I always string on waxed cotton or hemp cord, and I always superglue the knots at the end to prevent unravelling. 

I also use only semi-precious stone beads and sterling silver charms (with the occasional brass effect charm if I can't find it in sterling silver) so that your beads will be high-quality and last for a long time. Each strand comes in an organza bag so it has its own little home, and is shipped in a bubble mailer to prevent chipping and cracking of the beads in transit. I always cleanse and charge the beads I make with smoke, moonlight, and on my altar before listing them, so they come ready to be worked with. Lately I have also been spraying them with Lysol spray before packaging them, and handling them only with freshly washed or sanitized hands as I package them to ensure they are not contaminated with Covid-19. 

4 Seasons of Cernunnos Prayer Beads

Each strand is totally unique, and while there may be similar strands in the future, yours will be completely unique to you and never be identically replicated. I do accept DM's on my Instagram or emails (@stellarraindancer and stellarjay55@gmail.com) to discuss custom strands, but I am limited by what types of charms and beads I have on hand for my creations. I do not special-order charms and beads for custom orders as it costs too much in shipping for me, and that would be reflected in the price of the beads for you. I stick mostly to Celtic and Norse pagan deities, and I also make beads around popular energies, moon phases, and witchy influences. In the past I've made beads around the phases of the moon, the moon cycle, Hocus Pocus, the Awen of druidic practice, unicorns, and more.

Any other questions about my beads and practices? Feel free to send me a DM or email!

Badb, the Washer at the Ford Prayer Beads


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