5000 Subs? ME?!!

 This business and channel have evolved over the years, just as I have, from its tiny beginnings under the name "The Gentle Psychic" to now. I've been on quite the journey as a reader and a business owner, and there have been many of you that have been with me since the early days when I was just a couple of hundred subscribers strong... 

What a wild ride this world has been through over the last year and my channel's subscriber count has more than doubled since March of 2020. I know that so many of us being at home and unable to work has meant we've turned to YouTube and other forms of entertainment for comradery, and I'm no different. The number of channels and accounts I've discovered and begun to follow has definitely increased, and I've discovered so many new people that I adore in such a short period of time. The feeling of community has grown stronger, and I'm so grateful to have all of you with me for the ride. 

I have always tried my best to put out good quality content, no matter the size of this channel, but I'm really feeling the pressure now with over 5000 of you watching me. I hope that you will continue to enjoy what I make and put out onto the internet, and please know I'm so grateful for all of your likes, comments, and encouragement. I still get a high every time someone clicks "purchase" on one of my products and readings, and I hope to goodness that that feeling never goes away!

As I go forward with Stellar Tarot, my goals remain to keep trying my best to read and research a lot of books and topics and bring you my honest opinions, clear history, and solid facts about decks, books, and what makes a good practice. I welcome ideas for videos too, on things that you personally want to see on this channel. While I can't guarantee I'll always make your requests, it does help me to know what you want, what will be valuable, and it gets my creative juices flowing. 

To celebrate this milestone, I'm hosting a giveaway in the Live video I did today. To enter, you must be subscribed to my channel and leave a comment. I'll be picking the winner on Sunday, April 18th, and announcing the winners on the Community tab on YouTube. You need to leave a comment on the video linked below, the live video from April 11th to be entered. The prizes are a short strand of prayer beads, semi-custom made for the winner, and a 3 card reading for the second winner. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this channel along the way, I really can't thank you enough! 

Blessed be,
Jess, Stellar Tarot 


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