Back from Surgery, and vibing with Autumn!

It's officially been a week since I had my minor surgery to help me with my menstrual cycle, and I feel great. I've been laying pretty low this last week, first spending a couple of days in bed to recover, and then enjoying time with my family before the craziness of the first week of school took hold. But now my kids are back in school full time and on their way to another amazing year packed with learning, ups and downs, and continuing friendships as well as making new ones, and I'm ready to dive into autumn!

I've been bitten big time by the Bullet Journaling bug, and if you want to see snippets of my bujo, then I recommend following me on Instagram. I've also really been enjoying knitting again, now that it's not too hot to think about touching or working with wool and yarn, and I'm currently working on a shawl that's a sample for my friend and local business owner of a hand-dyed yarn shop. I am even knitting it out of a colorway that I designed for her, which she called Cosmos. 

But the best part of this season for me is being able to go for walks outside and not only see the color shifts in the foliage but to feel the physical downshift in the temperature. It's no secret that as a wet-coast-born and bred Fraser Valley girl that I don't do well in the heat, but this year with the heat dome, drought, and record-setting high temperatures, I have really not done well. I spent the majority of my summer indoors in air conditioning because I couldn't physically cope with the heat, and I feel this autumn like I need to make up for my inactivity a bit. I anticipate the dogs and I are going to be getting a lot of exercise over the next few weeks. 

As autumn is definitely here, I'm celebrating the way I usually do, by making all the autumn and Samhain spreads available in my shop once again! If you're enjoying the start of Spooky Season as much as I am, then maybe you'll want to partake in a Mini Samhain reading, or an Autumn Witch reading. There are loads of prayer beads still available too, from Wild Hunt ones to Loki, and even a few Morrigan-themed strands left. Remember, now that I'm working full-time at my day job, I won't be making new prayer beads anymore, so if there's a strand you're into, I'd snatch it up! A lot of the prayer beads can be bundled with readings too, to get a good bang for your buck, so consider grabbing a bundle!

So, happy Start of Autumn, witches! Let's make the most out of this time of the year!


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