Praise and glowing reviews left by my amazing clients!

What a beautifully powerful reading! Thank you Jess, for clearing up a question I had, with such love and care. I was able to move forward with my plans successfully, and with confidence. So grateful xo
-Tamara Albana

Again, very Happy with my reading. I am returning customer and would definitely suggest you to try one reading from her to see how good she is.

Jess gave me an awesome reading. It was incredible spot on and so helpful for me. I can highly recommend this reading for anyone else that wants to work with their shadow aspects. I`ll be back for more readings for sure. Thank you so much Jessica <3

Very pleased with my purchase - the reading gave some excellent insight into my coming year and gave balanced reflection on what this past year has provided. The PDF arrived promptly, and I'd definitely recommend this to others!
-Chelsea Holmes

Not only was delivery timely, but the reading itself was engaging and profound, and gave me a lot to think about. I would highly recommend this shop and this reading!
-Brigette Tuckfield

As soon as I read the signed note I started to cry. She put so much thought into the message. The book is beautifully written and illustrated. It has inspired me to buy more by the publisher!! I also want to comment on a three card reading I received as a package. It was EXACTLY what I needed to see/hear. This was not in a pandering way, the reading was pure truth and gently confronted some things that I was avoiding. Her readings both challenge and uplift you.

I'm not really sure where to begin... Jess did an incredible job! I had never purchased an online reading before, so I wasn't sure how it worked. I neglected to leave notes or ask a question, so she didn't really have anything to go off of, except for her intuition. And boy was she was spot on! Everything that came up validated feelings that I've been having lately. I had chosen the Earth Mother reading because I knew I was feeling vulnerable and didn't know what was going to come up, I honestly couldn't have picked a better, more loving and nurturing reading. If you're on the fence or trying to wade through the hundreds of "psychic" fortune tellers, and you're not really sure who's the real deal and who isn't, I can assure you, you'll be in EXCELLENT, expert hands with Jess! I absolutely would recommend her to a friend!
-Ashley Branham

I love these prayer bead. I love their energy when I meditate with them. I also got a reading done with them. I highly recommend getting one done. It inspired me and deeply spoke to me.

Jess is a thoughtful and thorough reader! She connects to the reading and you in a loving way that brings much insight to the experience! I will definitely be purchasing another reading and highly recommend her gift to others!

These prayer beads are beautiful and hold such a wonderful energy. I love that they are not strung too tightly and feel perfect in the hand. The accompanying reading was insightful and empowering. Thanks so much, Jess!

Lovely beads. Very well made. These have been perfect for my work with Brigid. The energy of the stones and Jess's charging feel wonderful. I normally cleanse charged objects. I kept these the way they came and just added my own intent.
The reading was beautiful and powerful, as always from her. Her reading style is direct yet comforting.
I've just started working with Brigid and this set has been an excellent way to connect with her.



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