Hi there, and welcome! My name is Jess or Stellar Rain Dancer, and I'm a professional tarot and oracle card reader. I focus on reading in a holistic and empowering way, to clarify your questions and inspire you to make amazing changes in your life. My readings are based on the concepts of using tarot cards for personal growth and spiritual development, not fortune-telling or prediction, rather than predictions and fortune telling. You can book a reading with me by clicking any of the options below. 

Readings are delivered within 5 days of purchase, with the exception of Skype readings. For live Skype readings, I will contact you via email to set up your appointment. Please remember that I live in the Pacific Time Zone and am a working mom, so know your reading will need to be planned around that. Clients are responsible for recording their readings themselves for future reference, and are expected to show up ON TIME. Live readings are restricted to 30 minutes, so showing up late to your reading will cut the time we can spend together short. No refunds will be offered to those who miss appointments.

If you want to know what to expect from me, please watch the helpful video below, and feel free to browse the Praise page here on the website to see what previous clients have said about my readings and products. You can also email me with any questions you might have, ways to contact me are listed on the Connect page.

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